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 How to Skin- Basic

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PostSubject: How to Skin- Basic   Thu Jul 31, 2008 7:56 pm

I was Looking at these Forums and Jeez, All you have for Skinning is just a Link to GIMP and a Link to the Skinning Resource? I dont think you know how to skin if you just posted that. Delete this if you want, But this is just to show you how to skin.


Getting Started- The Programs

Ok, In Order to Skin, You need an Image Making Program.

For More Perfessional skins, you use Photoshop, but this can cost money and is hard to skin with.
For Those Easy Begginers, Its best to go For Microsoft Paint.
I, Personally use GIMP, Its easier than Photoshop and is Free. This is the Program Im gonna teach you to Skin with.

Starting- Blank Skins

In Order to begin Skinning, You need the blank Skins. GoHERE
For the Basic Blank Skins of: Light, Medium, Heavy, And UFO (UFO would Include Boss and Babyboss)

The Beggining Of a Skin

First, To make sure Colors are Testing, Make a Straight Red Line with PaintBrush. If you see Color, Look at the Top of the Screen, Click EDIT then Undo so you have a Complete Blank Skin. If you see Only Gray instead of a Color, then look at the Top of Screen, Click Image, Click Mode, Click RBG. Now You should see Colors instead of Black And White. Lets make a Basic Yellow, Red Strips Skin.

The "Skinning" Part

Lets make a Basic Yellow, Red Strips Skin. So, You got Your Blank Skin. For a Good Skin, You wouldnt Use The Filling Tool, But since this is a Beggining Skin, You can. Fill Every single White Thing with your Choice of a Yellow Color. At the Top of The Screen, You'll see "Layers" Click that, Click "New Layer", You have your Blank Skin now a Yellow skin with Black Backround. And your on your 2nd Layer. Now, Your Second Layer would Mostly be Your "Decretive" Layer. Make 3 Straight Lines Of Red On a Part of the Yellow. A easy way to make a Straight Line is this:
Click the place you want your Line to begin. Press Space and you'll see a Line with two "X"s at the End. Stretch it to the Place you want the Line to End, Click, You made a Straight Line.

Make 3 Straight Red Lines on Each Yellow Place on your Tank EXCEPT On Circles. Circles, Leave them Yellow.

The "Clean Up"

Now, You might want to Clean your Skin a Bit. If you want your skin to look "Cooler" Find the Dodge and Burn Tool and Burn the skin up. To Clean Up, Make sure your Lines are Straight, Everything is how you want it, And Click Save As, Name Skin "Test". THIS IS IMPORTANT! CHANGE YOUR SKIN FILE TO A jpg FILE! IF YOU DONT CHANGE IT TO A jpg FILE, IT WONT WORK!

You have made a Basic Skin. Good Job.

Note: Never Use Clip Art. Dont Look for an Image on Google and Paste it on your tank!

Thanks, Hope you learned from this Skinning Leason =D

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How to Skin- Basic
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